What to Expect at Your First Piano Lesson

Piano lessons are a great way to gain basic familiarity with the instrument. A music instructor can help you learn the notes and understand hand placement on the keyboard. When you know what to expect at your first piano music lesson, you can arrive relaxed, comfortable and ready to learn.

During the first lesson, your music teacher will gauge your existing ability. If you are taking beginner music lessons or if you have never played a piano, the teacher will start by talking about your knowledge of written music.

Once the teacher has gained an understanding of your knowledge, he or she will give basic music instructions for the piano. You will learn about the way the keyboard is laid out and how each key corresponds to a note on the sheet music staff. This information is the foundation for all future piano lessons. The process is similar to the instruction that happens in children’s music lessons.

If you have musical experience, your teacher may take a different approach. Even if you have never played the piano, the instructor may ask about other education, such as guitar or drum lessons. Based on that information, your teacher will talk to you about your goals for the piano and ask how you’d like your private music lessons to progress.

The first music lesson from your piano teacher will focus on introductions and creating a plan for your education. It sets the stage for all following sessions and helps you to be comfortable with the situation.

For questions about the piano or to schedule your first piano lesson, visit one of these music instructors.

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