Using Music to Stimulate and Strengthen Your Brain

Music is enjoyed around the world by billions of listeners for its beauty and art, but many do not know that listening to music or taking a music lesson actually stimulates the mind and can strengthen the brain. One reaction to music is the Mozart effect, which causes an increase in motor skills and intellectual capabilities. Neurons within the brain are strengthened from repetition, and music is a key to this process.

Benefits for Players
Studies have shown that taking music instructions for a year or two can improve memory and attention in players. Beginner music lessons with a music instructor are a great way to benefit from the Mozart effect. There are many options, such as piano lessons, guitar lessons, and drum lessons. These can be taken in group sessions with other players or as private music lessons with a music teacher.

Benefits for Children
No person is too young to enjoy the benefits of music. Children’s music lessons can be the most beneficial, as the minds of children develop rapidly. A Harvard study showed that young musicians tend to succeed more in geometry and map reading than non-musicians do.

Benefits for Audiences
A music lesson has many benefits outside of merely learning an instrument. Studies have shown that musicians tend to be more intelligent overall not only because they play music, but also because of how much they are listening to. Not only is music a pleasure to listen to and play, but also it benefits the brains of both listeners and musicians.

Sign up for a music lesson for yourself or your child by contacting one of these music instructors.

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