What to Expect at Your First Dance Class

Your first dance class can be intimidating. It’s an uneasy feeling, not knowing how things are going to go the first time. You may be jittery because you haven’t met your teacher or don’t know anyone in the class. Your dance school understands these jitters so the first day of class will reflect this. Nobody expects you to be perfect, because a school is for learning how to get there.

It’s best to know the dress code of the class before your first day. Different dance classes require different attire for students. For ballroom dancing, wear shoes that you would typically wear while dancing, such as heels. Other classes may require sneakers. It’s important to dress comfortably in nonrestrictive clothing that allows you to move freely.

When you arrive at the dance school for your dance lessons, you will meet your instructor. If it’s a group class, you will wait until everyone has arrived to discuss the goals of the class. If it’s a private class, you will talk about the goals with your instructor. This may include what you want to learn or what the class offers. You will then begin stretches to prepare your body for dancing.

For your first day of dance instructions, your instructor will teach you moves based on the skill level of the class. Basic tap steps and moves would be taught the first day of tap dancing lessons. At a pole dancing class you would learn to be comfortable with yourself and explore your sensual side.

Your first dance class will teach you the fundamental steps of the dance style you are learning. These are the foundations of the dance that you will build on. It’s important to have fun while dancing. As your dance classes progress, you may even check into more advanced classes that your dance school may offer.

Learn more about what to expect on your first day of dance class by connecting with one of these dance schools in your area.

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