The Most Prestigious Dance Schools in America

Dancers looking for a dance school to begin dance lessons may be faced with a stressful and difficult situation. Although dance lessons are offered in every state in America, not every dance studio is the same caliber as others. Dancers looking for a prestigious, esteemed dance school to join should keep the following points in mind.

1) Not every dance school can offer multiple levels of dance classes. Dancers should consider their own dance skill levels when trying to choose a dance school.

2) Nearly all dance schools will require dancers to audition before being accepted. In fact, it is very rare for any dance school to not require an audition. Dancers should be confident and ready to have their dance skill levels evaluated by a panel of expert judges.

3) Not every dance school is going to offer all styles of dance instructions. Some of the styles that a dance school may offer include ballet dancing, jazz dancing, modern dancing, ballroom dancing, pole dancing, or even tap dancing. Dancers should find out whether their preferred styles of dancing are offered at prospective dance schools when considering where to take dance lessons.

4) Dancers need to consider the cost of tuition. Some can receive financial aid, while others receive scholarships to help them pay for classes.

5) Dancers with ambitious career goals should try to attend the very best school they can with their particular skills and personal financial situations. The more prestigious the dance school, the better dance education the student will receive.

Specialty schools for performing arts are not ranked the same way as other colleges. According to U.S. News & World Report, “These [specialty] schools are not ranked, since each category is so small. Comparative data in a few key areas can be found [...] including freshman retention and graduation rates, class size, and student/faculty ratio.” For this reason, dancers will need to rely on word of mouth and reputation when making a subjective decision about a particular dance school.

Find out more information about the styles and levels of dance offered at your school of choice by connecting with one of these dance schools.

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