How to Select and Enroll in a Dance School

The process of choosing a dance school can be challenging, particularly when you have a range of options to select from. The dance studio you choose can have a big impact on your development as a dancer. As you consider the options, consider how each school fits with your goals and preferences.

Step 1: Consider the availability of dance classes. Check to make sure that the school offers the types of dance you are looking for, whether it is ballroom dancing, tap dancing or pole dancing. When you are looking at the schedule of dance lessons, verify that it offers classes for your level of dance ability.

Step 2: Factor the logistics of the dance school. Make sure that the price fits into your budget. If you are taking classes in the evening, check the times to be sure that you can make it to the school from work in time to get dressed and warm up.

Step 3: Meet with instructors to make sure that you like their teaching styles and personalities. Ask about their training, and ensure that they are certified to teach. If possible, observe a class, so you can see how they give out dance instructions.

Make sure that your lessons will be fun and educational by taking time to choose the right dance school.

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